Walking song

Video projection
Spain 2009, DVCPRO HD 1080i50, PAL, 16:9, Colour, Stereo, 5'30''

This video treats itself about the trip of a song, departing from the history of the Asturian anthem, "Asturias, patria querida". This popular song had its origin in 2 countries. It is suspected that the melody was adapted of one that there were singing Polish miners who were going to work to the mines of the Cuencas Mineras del Caudal and of Mineras at the beginning of 20th century, later a son of an Asturian emigrant in Cuba, Ignacio Piñeiro wrote the song to honour his father who returned to Asturias to die. In this video there is a piper, the son of a Polish family living in the region, who begins to play the melody and later a Cuban tenor resident in Oviedo for already 8 years, sings this anthem of going and return.