Te quiero mucho

Video projection
EE.UU. 2009, DVCPRO HD 1080i60, NTSC, 16:9, Color, Estéreo, 402''

This video was recorded in a bar called "Jalisco Inn" which is in Los Angeles (USA) city center. It is a place of meeting for the Mexican and Chicano gay men. The strong presence of the masculine Mexican identity in the environment suddenly changes and turns into something tender when it sounds the norteña*1 music "Te quiero mucho".

*1 The norteña [northern] music is the music interpreted by a northern set, which consists of an instrumentation of accordion and under sixth (fara-fara), with addition of double-bass, snare drum and, optionally, saxophone. It has musical sung and instrumental forms. Though it is original from rural areas of the north-center of Mexico, the northern music is today extremely popular in urban areas so much like in the field and also between the Mexican community of The United States.