Video Projection
Brazil 2006, HDV, PAL, 16:9, Colour, Stereo, 23'30''
Proyection size 230 x 130 cm.

The recording goes on without interruption for 23 minutes and 30 seconds. The samba dancer, dressed up in a white formal evening suit, begins to dance in front of the camera in an attempt to establish a dialogue. His determination to show his skill in front of that dumb interlocutor who does not interrupt him at any moment ends up turning into a dialogue with his own self. He concentrates more and more until he reaches a state of euphoria. Finally, his self-awareness disappears and his body moves in absolute freedom. As time goes by, the dancer's breathing becomes more and more agitated. At times the performance seems to conclude, and yet it goes on. The dancer alternatively falters and recovers his enthusiasm, carrying on until he eventually admits to himself that he no longer can keep it up.

This piece is played in a loop so that the end and the beginning of the action are connected, thus "resurrecting" the dancer.