Los ninos de la huerta
(Orchardīs children)

Spain 2010, Apple ProRes 422, NTSC, 16:9, Colour, Stereo, 6'15''

This video is the recording of the final part of the Murcia festival called "Bando de la Huerta*1", in the Plaza de la Constitución in 2010. After the parade, young people, in broad daylight and still dressed up their traditional costumes of orchards, but shoed with sneakers, are spread through the streets and parks of Murcia and do a "mega botellón". Somehow the feeling of the festival has evolved and adapted to changing times.

*1 "The proclamation of the Orchard" ["Bando de la Huerta"*] is the name of the parade which takes place in the city of Murcia on Tuesday of the Spring holidays, celebrated a week later to Easter. The cavalcade is composed by bands of music, gigantes y cabezudos, groups of dance and coaches thrown by tractors, showing typical elements of the orchard in Murcia. From these coaches, people wearing epoch dresses gives food from the gastronomy of the region, such as puddings, sausages or beans and drinks as wine or beer. Also it is possible to taste local dishes since they are: michirones, pipirrana or zarangollo, without forgetting the paparajotes. The name "Bando de la Huerta" it is used for designating also to the same Tuesday in which the parade takes place, in this case meaning the general celebration that this day ago in the whole city, which includes that a very raised percentage of people from Murcia spend the day in the street. The parks of the downtown fill up with young people to meet to do "botelleo" allowed during this day.