Conversação entre Tsubasa e Kátia
(Convesation between Tsubasa and Kátia)

Video projection
Brazil 2006, HDV, PAL, 16:9, Colour, Stereo, 5'00''

The conversation between Tsubasa and Kátia shows the filming of an atypical dance between Tsubasa, the mestre-sala, and Kátia, the porta-bandeira, two important figures inside every escola de samba, in this case the Escola Imperio de Casa Vedre de São Paulo (winner of the 2006 Carnival). Tsubasa is a Japanese who after ending his studies of human Sciences in Tokyo, he went to Brazil, almost without Portuguese spoke, to be able to dance samba and perfect his technique which was learned in a few videotapes given by a friend and later in the Japanase sambists groups. The chemistry provoked by his dance was present from the moment when they met each other, at the beginning of 2005, when Kátia asked him to dance with her, after Tsubasa showed his photos of Asakusa's carnival (Japan).

This video penetrates into this spontaneous warmth that breaks the cultural borders. The most representative signs of the putting have resigned in scene of the escola de samba, the space is dark, they are dressed in everyday clothes, the flag is transparent, the dancers do not go to the public but they look between them and the music comes from the combination of paces of Brazilians and from a Japanese instrument of traditional percussion (the taiko). The filming develops in a space totally foreign to the sambodrom to focus the attention in the relations that they establish on having danced.