Ba-ji-toh-fuh, cuando el viento del este sopla al oído del caballo
(Ba-ji-toh-fuh, When the east wind blows into the ear of the horse)

Video projection
Spain 2006, DVCAM, PAL, 5:4, Colour, Stereo, 1'56'''

Ba ji toh fuh is a Japanese saying. The literal translation, word for word, would be, horse, ear, east, wind. The essential concept behind it is "non-communication". In the video, the artist appears in the centre dressed in black in front of a background of contemporary concrete architecture. The sound that can be heard from the beginning until the end is a noise made by a human voice. Shortly after the video has begun, a Charro*1 enters into shot, performing a regional Salamancan dance around her, accompanied by castanets. The Charro fails to attract her attention despite the efforts of his dance and music. Finally, he abandons the attempt and disappears from the scene.

*1 "Charro" is the adjective used to describe not only something or someone native to the Province of Salamanca, but also to the traditional Salamanca folk musicians and dancers.