Welcome to Wanko-chan Island

Welcome to Wanko-chan Island, advertising billboard.

Welcome to Wanko-chan Island

Installation view at Plaza de Cam, Javea, Alicante.

Welcome to Wanko-chan Island


Welcome to Wanko-chan Island

Introducción al sueño, installation view and action at Casa de America, Madrid.

Welcome to Wanko-chan Island

Introducción al sueño, Polariods.

Welcome to Wanko-chan Island

Spain 2001-2002

"Welcome to Wanko-chan Island" is the generic title for the series of three projects whose objective was to inform the general public of the location and characteristics of the fantasy island, as well as offering different ways to travel there, virtually: Welcome to Wanko-chan Island (2002); www.wankochanisland.com (2002) and Introduction to the dream (2001-2002).

1). Welcome to Wanko-chan Island (2002)

Advertising Billboard placed at Plaza de Cam, Javea, Alicante.
Digital print on canvas, 250 x 400 cm.
The use of the Plaza de Cam in Javea (Alicante) was granted specifically for the project as part of the event "Lloc Lliures X". Kaoru Katayama installed a giant billboard on the side of a building that announces the existence of a web-page about Wanko-chan Island as though it was a page for the promotion of tourism of a real country.

2). www.wankochanisland.com (2002)

Web Site.
www.wankochanisland.com is the official web-page address of Wanko-Chan Island. By accessing this page visitors can familiarize themselves with the history and geography of the island, enjoy some illustrations of its unique views or download the photographs of other "tourists" who visited the island earlier (in this case, the digitalization of Polaroids taken as part of Introduction to the dream).

3). Introducción al sueño (2001-2002)

(Introduction to the dream).
Action at: Ancien Monastere de Saint Croix, Drôme, Francia, Casa de América, Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Hondarribia, País Vasco, Plaza de Cam, Javea, Alicante.
Digital print on canvas, plush dog, plinth, Polaroid camera, Polaroid photographs.
Ploter: 200 x 135 cm. Polaroid photographs: 10,7 x 9 cm. each.

Introducción al sueño, proposed a short virtual stay in Wanko-chan Island to its visitors during which they could be photographed with the little dog in their arms. Developed at the same time as action and installation, the piece invited members of the public to pose in front of one of the clichéd landscapes and be photographed by the artists with a Polaroid. These Polaroids were lined up in squares on the wall at right angles to the canvas background, leaving a visual record of these instant journeys taken to the marvelous world of Wanko-chan.