Un encuentro perfecto
(A Perfect Meeting)

Duration: 60 minutes
Cast: The cooks of sushi, the venenciador and the public

  1. 2007    Bodega González Byas, Jeréz de la Frontera
The tasting performance offers the experience of a combination of nigiri*1 and Jerez wine, in this case Fino, *2 that it works perfectly replacing the sake*3 flavor.

*1 Sushi of little boll of rice with raw fish.
*2 The Fino is a generous, own wine from Marco de Jerez and from Montilla-Moriles, in Andalucía (Spain). With a pale gold color it has dry and very aromatic flavor, alcoholic graduation is about 15 degrees and it's necessary to drink it very coldly. The variety of grape for the production of this wine is the Palomino. This wine is ideal as appetizer and to accompany ham, seafood and other snacks.
*3 Sake is a Japanese liquor elaborated on the basis of fermented rice. Usually used as an aperitif or to join plates of food. The alcoholic graduation is about 14 and 16 degrees. The flavors change from the dry one to lightly sweetly. In Japan it is often consumed as part of spiritual rituals.