Gimnasia de radio
(Radio Gym)

Duration: 3-4 minutes
Cast: Public

  1. 15.09.2012    Hangar, Barcelona, SP
  2. 17.05.2008    MC Kunst, Los Angeles, U.S.A
  3. 05.04.2006    Festival W.A.Y.´06, Lisboa, PT
  4. 30.10.2005    Art Salamanca´05, Salamanca, SP
Kaoru Katayama is teaching a group of people (public of exhibitions), step by step and to the pace of a background music in piano, the traditional movements of a Japanese set of exercises (Radio Gym*1). The choreographic discipline of the movements contrasts with the hilarious infamy of the occidental pupils. *1 The "Radio Gym" were founded in Japan, in 1928, by the section of National Health Service of the Department of Communication (now Post office and Telegraphs) for the benefit of the public health of the Japanese people. The gymnastics of radio, which at present all the Japanese know and practise, ensue from a review of the previous version that goes back 1951. The Japanese children continue learning it being useful 40 days of summer vacations, going to a park near to his house at 6:30 a.m.